Penis Enlargement Device – FAQ

Here are some common questions and answers people first have about the penis enlargement device.

Is there any pain or discomfort when wearing the traction device?

Some devices are low quality and cause some pain or discomfort. These outdated devices still use the noose or loop strap that reduces blood circulation as it pulls the penis head forward.

The new comfort strap changes this and makes penis enlargement with a device much more comfortable. So far, the only device that uses this new comfort strap technology is the SizeGenetics and x4Labs extender.

If you buy one of the older penis stretchers (sometimes are cheaper), then you can expect at least a little discomfort in the first few weeks as your body gets used to the device.

Your best bet however is to think of the advantages of using a more comfortable device, so you can wear it longer without problems and enjoy your size gains faster.

Are there any side effects to using a penis extender?

No there are no side effects to using a penis extender device. On cheaper devices, you may get a light rash as you get used to the device but devices with the new comfort strap, you are much more likely to have a smooth ride while you grow a bigger penis.

Some of the now outdated and cheaper devices come with extra padding (some make you pay for it) and this helps make the device more comfortable. Using extra padding between the silicone loop and your skin makes a big difference in comfort.

But in general, there are no side effects to using the traction device to erections, performance, urination or fertility.

Can the device correct penis curvature?

Yes, the penis traction device from SizeGenetics, x4Labs and FastSize are the only penis extender clinically proven to reduce penile curvature by up to 70%.

The device is guaranteed to help straighten a penis curve whether it was caused through normal curvature such as congenital penile curvature, or by the more severe Peyronies disease

What if I want to get longer than the device allows?

You can always add more extension rods to your penile extender to achieve the length you want. The SizeGenetics device is the only penis enlargement device on the market that comes with several free extension rods (a $180 value) to reach the length you want.

Most other companies I have seen make you pay for extension rods and/or provide a cheap low quality extender.

How soon can I see results?

The penis traction device from SizeGenetics is again the only device that’s “tension tested” before leaving the facility to make sure it starts enlarging your penis the second you first strap it on.

Over the next 1-2 months, your body will adjust to the penis stretching and you will start to gain permanent length and girth during and after that. Measure according to the manual of the device you choose (usually every 2-3 weeks) to see when is the best time to measure your new gains.

Will I lose my gains if I stop using the penis extender?

No. All gains you make are permanent! Your gains depend however on the total amount of time you wear the penis enlargement extender.

So an hour today, 3 hours tomorrow, its all about the total time, so the time you are not wearing it does not undo the effort you did in wearing it.

I can understand how the device adds length, but what about girth (thickness)?

The extender can do both! The average length increase is 24%, and the average penis girth increase is 19%. As your penis grows in length, it will naturally grow in girth as well.

How will enlargement affect my erections?

Your erections will become harder because the penis stretching from the device increases blood flow in the penis.

You can increase your erection strength even more by exercising your penis with the bonus penis exercise program included when you buy the SizeGenetics device with new comfort strap.

These exercises can also speed up your size gains and give you harder erections, more ejaculation control, better orgasms and generally fantastic sex!

What if I get an erection while wearing the device?

The new SizeGenetics is made with the most durable materials used on any device yet is flexible so the device can react comfortably to whatever position you or your penis is in.

This is what lets you wear devices like the new SizeGenetics while sitting, standing or walking. The SizeGenetics comfort strap, which gently secures your penis in place during stretching, is easy to slide off so you can remove the device any time you want.

How can I use the device discreetly?

The penis stretcher will not be noticed under lose fitting pants at work, or at any social event. You can wear the traction device during your commute, at work if you have a non-physical job, at night while you watch TV, or even while you sleep!

Do I have to wear the device at the same times each day?

No. Your use of the device is completely up to you. Again, your results with the penis extender depend on the total time you wear the device, so you can use it whenever you have a few hours of down time such as during evening hours.

Is the package shipped discreetly?

Yes. All the devices I tested were shipped in plain packaging with no mention of the contents. The leader case from SizeGenetics came in a white envelope with no writing on it. Then that was wrapped in the shipping packet from UPS.

People on popular men’s health forums who live in other parts of the world have confirmed similar discreet packaging from DHL and other carriers for tration devices. The general rule is that none will know what’s in the package unless you tell them.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes it is generally safe. You want to make sure the site your ordering on has good protection against hackers. All the sites I review on my site have strong 128 bit encryption and use the latest secure ordering technology.

Your order will be received securely and your information will be protected at all times.

For a safe, reliable and fast way to gain permanent size to your penis length and girth, visit