Sizegenetics Review – The Best Penile Extender Device

How Does Penis Enlargement Device Work?

Corpora Cavernosa is a tissue in the penis that fills up with blood to give you a proper erection. Men do not erect because their penile tissues are unable to hold blood in them. The movements of SizeGenetics along the Corpora Cavernosa motivate the cells to multiply.

This way new healthy cells are produced that are able to hold blood in the penis. It is just a matter of months before the penis becomes big and is able to hold for a very long period of time.

SizeGenetics device is also medically proven to treat Peyronie’s enabling the bent penis to straighten up and become firmer. The device can also cure men suffering from micropenis syndrome, not only does it enhance the size of your penis but also lets you enjoy the wonders of sexual life.

Does SizeGenetics Works?

Read this quote from Wikipedia – Sizegenetics Review!

“Stretching consists of attaching a penis stretcher or “extender” device to the penis for set periods of time. The device exerts constant traction on the penis, which, in theory, lengthens and widens the penis. The traction supposedly causes the cells in the penis to divide and expand.

In 2002, a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research concluded that penile extender devices are effective at elongating the penis and furthermore the increases in length correlate with the amount of time the device is worn. A similar study conducted by Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin was published in 2009 in the British Journal of Urology.”

The device is a traction based system that lengthens and thickens your penis quickly.

Watch this video of Sizegenetics review and understand the facts behind SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a very deceiving name. Somebody who is hearing it for the first time might not be able to guess that it is a penis enlargement device. But do not let the name deceive you for it is simply one of the best penis enlargement devices in the market.

Manufactured by a British distributor, over the years SizeGenetics has taken the label of being one of the premium quality penile extender device. Upon purchase, you do not only get the device but you also get access to penis enlargement DVD program from

It has been designed to give you optimum results within a quick span. The device is known to enhance the length and the girth of the penis by 30 %.

All parts of the human body expand when applied pressure. SizeGenetics™ traction device makes use of this ability to give you a big penis by applying a considerable amount of pressure on the overall length of your penis.

The device forces your penis to grow numerous tissue cells, as a result of which more blood fills in your penis giving it prolonged erections and also increasing the girth and the width of the penis.

Here’s a real live person review:

Why you should buy Sizegenetics?

  • 16 Way Comfort Strap

SizeGenetics has been designed to be the MOST COMFORTABLE extender available to buy online. Customers can wear the device for longer durations without any discomfort.

  • A clinically proven, medical type-1 device:

This penile extender is safe for permanent enlargement. Other cheaper devices are not clinically proven and this means you risk both your health and your money if you buy them. SizeGenetics has gone through many clinical trials and has been backed by doctors, so you know it is not only safe but also incredibly effective.

  • Traction Plus Powder & Revita Cream

Extending the penis can sometimes be rough on the skin of the penis, which is why SizeGenetics comes with two additional supplements. Designed to protect the penis’ skin, it’s amazing that no other extender offers these essential extras.

  • Secrecy Lock:

It has a secrecy lock along with a key. If you do not want your family members or anybody else to find out, SizeGenetics™ has solved the problem for you. Nobody will figure out what you are storing underneath a leather box.

  • Cleaning Wipes

Not every brand offers wipes, but these wipes can be used to keep the SizeGenetics extender hygienically clean. After all, it works on a sensitive area of a man’s body, so these are important for the user’s health and wellbeing.

  • Spare Parts:

Upon purchase, you also get spare parts. The reason being as your penis starts growing you become infatuated wanting to grow the penis more and more. Therefore, the company gives you spare parts to allow the device to grow along with you. However, it is recommended that you stop at 9 inches or you will be giving a lot of discomfort to your partner.

  • Penis Health Online Club :

One major reason as to why you should go for SizeGenetics™device is because you get access to their exclusive penis health online club. The club consists of at least 34 different techniques and over a hundred illustrative pictures teaching you how to enhance your penis size.

With the given exercises, you will be able to enjoy sex for a longer period of time and have a stronger orgasm. Although the device alone can give you a penis measuring up to 9 inches but if you are looking for quicker results, DVD is a good option for you.

  • SizeGenetics™ Forum:

Another appealing feature of SizeGenetics™ is their forum which is only for those who have purchased the traction device. The forum is extremely helpful for all those wishing to stay updated about penis health. The forum consists of bazillion exercises and articles all aiming to tell you ways to improve your sexual life.

You get access to the forum ten minutes after your purchase through an email.

  • Sex Guide DVDs:

Two sex guide DVDs are also posted at your place. These sex guide videos are created by women telling you how they want their men to act in the bedroom. Around 87 techniques are discussed teaching how ways to get the wildest orgasm of your life. One DVD is entirely based upon telling you ways to give a seductive message to your partner.

  • Access To

Through you can become a sex expert in no time. The DVD consists of over 200 videos on sex positions that were unknown to you before. Along with the traction device, penis enlargement techniques and sex guide you are guaranteed to give out a sexual performance that will make your partner crazy after you.

  • A Heavy Discount:

Upon purchase, you get a 50 dollar discount through their voucher system. Also, the product is shipped without any cost and the customer’s privacy is considered to be the topmost priority of the company.  Unlike other discount schemes, you get the discount instantly as soon as enter the voucher code (Voucher code WORLD50).

You also get a money back guarantee for six months. So in six months if you do not see any change in your penis you can ask for your money to be returned.

Our Conclusion:

Just remember:

There is no other penis enlargement product that gives you all of this, and we haven’t even mentioned that every purchase is covered by a 6-month money-back guarantee and you also get 24 hours trained customer support.

This means you can buy in complete confidence (ordering is easy and secure) knowing that you are getting a safe, fast, and effective penis enlargement product.

This is the product you have been searching for and now it is time to bite the bullet and start taking your first steps towards a better, more confident future. Putting it off until tomorrow will only prolong your embarrassment of having an inadequately sized penis.

It’s natural to be a bit skeptical about male enhancement. After all, for many years the industry was dominated by low-quality products which offered little growth and a high risk of injury! Thankfully, times have changed.

You won’t find a penis extender system like SizeGenetics anywhere else, no other product on the market offers the same quality, guarantee or support. With the SizeGenetics system, you will get the best value for your money.